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Building a Greener Future: Floreon and Morph Unite for Eco-Friendly Construction with Bioplastics

Updated: Jul 12

Innovative Plant-Based Durable Material from Floreon Is Used In Morph's Modular Construction System

Floreon is delighted to announce its partnership with Morph, a leading UK manufacturer of circular sustainable modular construction systems for furniture and fit-out sectors, Versatile in its design and adaptable in its use and reuse, Morph products can be disassembled back to component parts and used time and again for new designs.

Committed to sustainability and eco-friendly materials, Morph has selected Floreon for the production of their new Morph Therma product, reflecting a shared dedication to green innovation.

Morph's decision to utilise Floreon’s advanced materials stems from alignment with Floreon's strong environmental credentials. Floreon’s material, derived from renewable feedstocks such as corn and sugar cane, boasts a carbon footprint up to seven times lower than conventional oil-based plastics, without compromising on performance or durability. Floreon Therma-Tech, a pioneering PLA, is both flame retardant and halogen-free, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring fire resistance.

Recently, Floreon showcased the Morph modular construction system at the Plastics Live Show in Coventry, which was a great success. But not wanting to stop there the team decided to take full advantage of the modularity and circularity aspects of Morph bricks, and so transported them to their new location at the Aura Innovation Centre (AIC) in Hull. The bricks are being re-used to create a freestanding display unit, once again highlighting the versatility of the Morph system and demonstrating the power in partnerships.

Floreon and Morph project displayed at the AIC
Floreon & Morph Circular PLA Project

The Aura Innovation Centre, led by the University of Hull, is the Humber’s leading net zero centre which acts as the front door to the University providing opportunities for businesses to access a network of academic expertise and cutting edge research and development technology. Floreon relocated to the AIC two years ago to make use of its modern and versatile office spaces, and to access its comprehensive in-house research and development space, InventX. This partnership has allowed Floreon to conduct on site testing and development of their products all under one roof instead of having to rely on costly subcontractors. The move has also provided closer collaboration with University of Hull researchers, facilitating innovation and reducing costs, thus significantly enhancing Floreon's growth and operational efficiency.

The Morph Brick’s display fully embodies the entire ethos of the Aura Innovation Centre which is to promote and support low carbon innovations and collaborations.

Floreon's materials are designed with end-of-life in mind, ensuring they can be recycled both mechanically and chemically, and reintegrated into the supply chain, making them an excellent choice for companies aiming to implement circular economy principles.

Floreon Therma-Tech meets stringent requirements for a variety of industries, including home electronics, automotive, and construction. Our unique blended formulas enhance standard PLA, creating robust bioplastics suitable for a wide range of applications such as toys, automotive components, marine and rail systems, electrical and electronic products, building materials, medical devices, and 3D printing. Our materials are designed to seamlessly replace oil-based plastics, offering an eco-friendly, drop-in manufacturing solution.

poster of how Floreon is produced into PLA and then is able to be recycled
Circularity of Floreon & Morph

Floreon continues to innovate and provide sustainable alternatives, empowering manufacturers like Morph to lead the way in eco-conscious production and design.

Download Our Floreon & Morph Circular PLA Project Poster below

Floreon & Morph Circular PLA Project
Download PDF • 2.52MB

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