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Floreon's Quest.

In 2011 our Founder and Chairman, Shaun Chatterton, set out on a quest whilst running his former company to find a sustainable alternative to the oil-based plastic used for water cooler bottles. This led to a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Sheffield on an innovative project to create a specially formulated solution. 

Origins Of Floreon.

Our patented material and our business emerged from a desire for a greener, more sustainable form of plastic. Working with the University of Sheffield the Floreon team embarked on an innovative project to create a specially formulated compound based on polylactic acid (PLA) that performed in the same way as oil-based plastics but with sustainable end of life options.

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What Is Floreon Made From?

Floreon is made from renewable sources such as sugar cane or corn. This makes our bioplastic sustainable, an advantage over oil-based plastics which are made from finite resources.

Floreon PLA pellets

When your material or product does reach its end of life, Floreon lends itself to industrial composting (work is underway for home composting) or recycling, either mechanically or chemically. Our team will advise on your options when developing your specific formula.

Syncs Seemlessly Within Existing Manufacturing Processes

Floreon can be injection moulded using your existing manufacturing equipment - NO NEED to invest in new equipment, making for a smooth transition.

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Our material is readily available and can be produced in the UK, Europe and China.  Floreon has been validated and is available from one of the largest polymer distribution, compounding and recycling companies in the world. We also work with all major PLA manufacturers for the supply of raw materials.

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Fully Certified And Tested.

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Looking For A Flame Retardant PLA? Floreon have developed Therma-Tech the world’s first PLA certified material.


UL94V-0 yellow card certification: Floreon's plant based bioplastic has passed this stringent certification, ensuring self-extinguishing properties and minimises fire hazards. Engineers and designers seeking safe alternatives to petroleum based plastics can now switch to Floreon's low carbon solution.  Floreon Therma-Tech is an appealing choice for engineers and designers who seek sustainable options for fire safe materials as an alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics.


Floreon has already achieved a UL94V-0 rating in tests with two independent test centers and has now received  the official rating from UL(R). It is believed that this is the first PLA based performance material to date to gain an official UL94V-0 rating, making it an ideal sustainable and renewable alternative to flame retarded ABS and other polymers used in demanding applications.


Floreon has also developed a glass fiber reinforced version of Therm-Tech which was specifically designed for extremely demanding applications which require long term durability and high resistance to creep and stiffness. An official UL94V-2 rating for this material was received back in 2022 as part of the same development. 

Floreon Therma-Tech is an ideal material for consumer electronics, automotive and toys. 

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Looking For A Compostable High Performance PLA? Floreon have developed Bio-Tech.


Floreon’s high-performance low carbon bioplastic has achieved ‘OK Compost Certification’ assuring our material's ability to fully biodegrade in industrial composting facilities. This certification signifies that the bioplastic meets strict environmental standards, contributing to reduced landfill waste and supporting the circular economy. As a result, industries and consumers can choose Floreon’s certified bioplastic with confidence, knowing that it not only performs well but also helps to address pressing environmental concerns by promoting compostability and reducing overall environmental impact. 

All components of Floreon Bio-Tech are certified to EN13432, an initial review by certification body ‘TUV Austria’ has confirmed that Floreon can gain this certification subject to maximum thicknesses which are now being determined through testing with an accredited Test Centre. 

Transform your product portfolio with our innovative high performance and sustainable material.
Discuss your project with us today.

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