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About us

Floreon is a plant-based plastic, derived from crops such as corn and sugar cane, making it a renewable alternative to oil-based plastics. 

We use PLA, a plant-based material, as our base and then add our additives to create a tough bioplastic called Floreon.

Floreon competes on performance with oil-based plastics but with a substantially lower carbon footprint, helping you to achieve your sustainability goals. 

Our formulation enhances the performance of PLA, making it over ten times tougher than ABS, a common oil-based plastic. 

Work with us

Consumers and brands are being asked to reduce their carbon footprint by using materials that are better for the planet.

Floreon’s patented formulas can be used in your manufacturing process to replace oil-based plastics with Floreon’s bioplastic.

No compromise on strength or colour; plus Floreon has specialist formulas for antimicrobial to prevent viruses and a flame retardant formula for use in electrical products. All formulas are designed to work within your existing manufacturing process.

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