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Why Floreon's PLA Is Unique.

Floreon is an enhanced PLA also known as a bioplastic; until today and through innovations from our Floreon development team our unique low carbon PLA can now be used in demanding applications such as consumer electronics, toys and in the automotive industry.

Floreon's products have been technically engineered over 10 years to match the performance of ABS with no compromise on functionality, but with a significantly lower carbon footprint; making Floreon a sustainable plant based alternative for products currently using oil based plastics such as PS and ABS. 


Floreon PLA Is Designed For Durable Applications.

Bioplastics (PLA) are being used in a variety of applications across different industries. Currently, they are commonly found in packaging materials and single use products, agricultural films & disposable medical products. However due to innovations from companies such as Floreon, bioplastics now have the potential to replace traditional oil based plastics in a wider range of demanding applications, we have 3 grades available to suit your project and product.


Floreon's Technology Is Unique In PLA Development & Will Reduce Your Carbon Emissions.

Due to our advancing technology we are now able to offer durable bioplastics that can be used in automotive components, electronic casings, toys, consumer goods and many industries.  One of the key advantages of Floreon's bioplastic is the potential to reduce carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. As environmental concerns and regulations surrounding plastic waste and pollution increase, bioplastics offer a more sustainable option.


Floreon Is A Bioplastic With Exceptional Strength And Durability.

Such potential has never been available as a bioplastic (PLA) material before - Floreon has developed 3 grades of product for different uses, with the benefit of being better for the environment whilst maintaining strength and durability. Floreon has been developed to be a drop in solution in your supply chain and can be switched into your existing manufacturing process.

Floreon's Flame Retardant PLA - Therma-Tech Meets UL94V-0 Standards.

Many manufacturers and brands continue to use ABS for high performance products as they need them to be flame retarded but this is very harmful to the environment; now there is a bioplastic alternative from Floreon that matches the durability, performance, is flame retarded and has up to 7 times lower carbon footprint. Floreon Therma-Tech is proud to be the world’s first UL94V-0 yellow card certified PLA  with self-extinguishing properties and minimises fire hazards. Floreon Therma-Tech, our flame retardant PLA has been thoroughly tested and has met the stringent tests under UL 94V-0. It is now time to switch to a better sustainable alternative for your products!


Floreon's Compostable PLA - Bio-Tech Meets TUV Austria EN13432 Standards.

Floreon saw the potential beyond basic uses of PLA and developed an enhanced grade called Floreon Bio-Tech that can be industrially composted. Floreon Bio-Tech is designed to directly replace ABS and PS plastic but acts as a sustainable alternative that can be composted at its end of life. Our durable and strong PLA material breaks down to water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide to re-feed the earth and produce more renewable plant-based plastics to meet demand. Floreon Bio-Tech has been fully certified biodegradable in industrial composting according to EN13432, 'Ok Composting' & 'TUV Austria'

Floreon PLA Is An Exceptional Manufacturing Solution.

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Floreon's PLA is Flame Retardant.

Floreon Therma-Tech matches the durability and performance of ABS, is flame retarded and has up to 7 times lower carbon footprint, it is now time to switch! 

Blue Plastic Granules
Floreon's PLA is 10 times stronger than ABS.

Floreon Dura-Tech matches the performance of ABS, is 10 times stronger and has up to 7 times lower carbon footprint.

Floreon's PLA is Compostable.

Floreon Bio-Tech is a high performance PLA that meets EN131432 standards, Certified by TUV Austria and Ok Composting. 

Floreon is a sustainable alternative to ABS.

Floreon products are derived from plants and have a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional oil based plastics. Floreon produces substantially less emissions in development and in production.

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