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floreon pellets in manufacturing

Why Choose Floreon?

Floreon revolutionises sustainability in plastics. While traditional engineering plastics are made from fossil resources, Floreon harnesses the power of plants by transforming Polylactic Acid (PLA) into a durable engineering polymer. Unlike typical PLA, often limited to disposable uses, Floreon's pioneering technology elevates it for durable applications. The game-changing breakthrough lies in achieving a UL94V-0 fire resistance rating using a halogen-free flame retardant within PLA, a first in the world.


By utilising CO2 as a feedstock during production, Floreon drastically reduces the carbon footprint associated with plastics. This innovation aligns sustainability with performance, offering a high-performing, eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastics. Floreon's transformation of PLA enables its usage in a wide array of durable applications, marking a monumental shift toward sustainable engineering polymers.


Floreon outperforms ABS on Impact Strength tests. Floreon is stronger whilst maintaining a high PLA (plant based plastic) content of 85%.

Fire Resistance/ Flame Retardancy.

Floreon has achieved a UL94V-0 rating for fire resistance and is suitable for use in electrical appliances and products requiring flame retardancy.

Heat Resistance.

Floreon has passed heat resistance testing. A pass was determined by a ball indentation test at 125°C whilst maintaining a high level of impact strength.

Drop Test & Glow Wire Tests.

Finished products moulded in our Floreon material have passed all required drop testing and glow wire flammability tests at 750°C.

Anti- Microbial.

Where hygiene is of paramount importance, Floreon can be supplied with an additional antimicrobial feature. This functionality inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the surface of the polymer, ensuring a hygienic environment.

Toy Safety Performance.

Floreon has been tested and shown to comply with all necessary requirements for use in toys. This includes testing for any potential migration of harmful substances and physical testing to ensure that small parts of Floreon toys won’t break off and present a choking hazard.


Floreon materials are mechanically recyclable just like most other common plastics. We have also successfully shown how through chemical recycling the PLA feedstock can be recovered to regenerate virgin polymer with no loss of performance.


Floreon is safe for use in toy manufacturing, cosmetics, food contact applications, drinking water applications and has passed Intertek's stringent safety & migration criteria.


Floreon Bio-Tech is our compostable high performance PLA. 'OK Compost" certified. This certificate assures that our bioplastic is fully biodegradable in industrial composting facilities.


Floreon’s durability and fire resistance make it ideal for use in construction. It can also be foamed in order to enhance its insulating properties.  

Food Contact Applications.

Floreon Dura-Tech and Bio-Tech comply with EU and US (FDA) requirements for use in food contact applications, subject to testing of finished products to ensure compliance with overall migration limits for food contact in Europe.

3D Printing.

Floreon 3D is a high perfomance material that enables fast printing speeds. Tests prove that Floreon 3D is tougher, more flexible and does not snap as readily when bent. 

Colour Match.

Floreon can be colour matched and is compatible with universal colour masterbatches, as well as PLA based colour masterbatches.

What Our Partners Say.

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Manuel Mueller | Clariant Vice President

"We recognise Floreon as leaders in bioplastic development thanks to their ground-breaking technology. We identify Floreon as an important collaborative partner for sustainability, as our joint initiative fits perfectly with Clariant's strategy. Together, we are creating leading-edge, innovative solutions that mean progress for everyone today and tomorrow."

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