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Delivering a HIGH performance bioplastic

for a sustainable future.          

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Made from renewable sources.

Floreon have developed and patented an award-winning formula for a biomaterial which offers a carbon footprint up to 6 times lower than oil-based plastics,

without compromising on performance.

As well as being suitable for recycling and composting, Floreon formulations can be tailored to meet specific performance requirements and applications.

To date, our customer-led developments include increased toughness,

anti microbial and flame retardant properties.

Lower your carbon footprint by using Floreon

as your chosen material.

It is not only made from renewable and recycled sources, it is scientifically enhanced to produce products that perform in the same way as oil-based plastics but with environmental benefits.

Strength, longevity, flame retardancy and anti microbial characteristics

are now possible when using Floreon to replace your oil-based plastic products.

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Official member of Products Of Change 


Floreon joined the organisation for Sustainability, Products of Change, in March.

The team truly value the ever-expanding connections Floreon is building with other businesses who want to make a positive environmental difference.

Floreon are looking forward to having Shaun as a guest on

Product Of Change’s upcoming podcast.

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Official member of 1% for the Planet 


In May 2021, Floreon demonstrated unwavering support to the planet by becoming an official member of 1% for the Planet.

Floreon is excited to commit to giving 1% of gross sales each year to 1% for the Planet's approved non-profit partners.


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