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Floreon's Bio-Tech Compostable PLA.

Floreon Bio-Tech is a PLA based compound intended for durable applications requiring high rigidity and good impact strength. Floreon Bio-Tech is 'OK Compost" certified, assuring our bioplastic is fully biodegradable in industry composting facilities. Our unique grade of PLA is intended for injection moulded applications ideal for toys, cosmetics, food or applications that are typically served by ABS or PS oil derived materials. Floreon Bio-Tech material is a compound of polylactic acid (PLA) and other biodegradable polyesters which enhance the melt flow rate and toughness of the material.

Floreon Bio-Tech Features.

Floreon Bio-Tech is developed for applications requiring a sustainable alternative to oil based plastic requiring industrial composting. With Floreon Bio-Tech there is no loss of function or performance but with a gain of a lower carbon footprint of up to 7 times.


Certified biodegradable in industrial composting according to EN13432, 'Ok Composting' & 'TUV Austria'


PLA based compound with high renewable content.


Nucleated to allow high crystallinity and heat deflection temperature.


Up to 7 times lower carbon footprint compared to ABS

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Why Floreon Bio-Tech Is Unique.

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Floreon Bio-Tech is our compostable high performance PLA. 'OK Compost" certified. This certificate assures that our bioplastic is fully biodegradable in industry composting facilities.