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[VIDEO] Looking for alternatives for oil based plastics with NO COMPROMISE on functionality?

Are you thinking about the plastic in your products and the effect this has on climate change? Is there a better sustainable alternative?

We believe Floreon is the answer.

A recent BBC investigation highlighted how plastics are a major contriubutor to climate change.

The production and incineration of plastic waste contributes to 850 million tonnes of NEW greenhouses gases every year, forecast to increase to 2.8 billion tonnes.

Your business can help make a difference to climate change by making a simple switch to Floreon. Our DROP-IN solution will work with your existing production lines and will not compromising on performance. You will also have the knowledge that your business is making a difference to the environment by meeting your carbon commitments as Floreon has 7 times lower carbon footprint than ABS.

Want to learn more about our sustainable solutions? Watch our CEO Shaun Chatterton here:

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