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Society is keener than ever before to work on climate issues

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Prince Charles, having just launched the Terra Carta, has given his perspective on societal attitudes toward climate change. He has reportedly commented that some 40 years ago when he began supporting positive changes for the environment, companies and society were overall, resistant.

These days, however, Charles states, “the dam has burst” and people are now significantly more eager to work on issues surrounding climate change and the environment.

Charles is particularly hopeful for the private sector to lead by example. Particularly, he refers to the energy sector as “the solution”, even stating that fossil fuel companies have a part to play in “transforming themselves” for the good of the planet.

Altogether, there has been a positive picture painted in recent days of a more sustainable world for future generations, as it is also confirmed that America has rejoined the Paris Agreement under the new President, Joe Biden.

Floreon share the same passion and vision for sustainability and environmental responsibility. We hope that the work of these leaders will wake brands up to the action they must take, as is their duty to their planet as well as consumers. The climate crisis can no longer be ignored because there is a powerful consensus of what we now must do and people are increasingly holding companies to account.

We can support you in this movement with an eco-friendly change of materials, from oil-based plastic to Floreon plant-based plastic. Our patented formula offers up to 6 times lower carbon footprint than ABS, with a range of end-of-life options including recycling and composting.

To enquire about working with us, our contact details are on our website. We look forward to helping you reach your sustainability goals.

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