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Independent Review of Floreon’s 3D Printing Grade

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Just before Christmas we had an independent centre test our material for 3d printing and subsequently write a report on the experience.

We are tremendously pleased with the results and we have included some extracts below:

“Floreon was able to be printed with the same aesthetic qualities and simplicity as regular PLA with the added benefits of increased strength, flexibility and composability.”

“Floreon 475 has almost double the impact strength of the unmodified PLA.”

“Floreon can absorb a larger amount of energy than the unmodified PLA before it fractures.”

We are very grateful to the Aura Innovation Centre for their time on this project. The extracts above demonstrate the value of Floreon by comparing it to standard unmodified PLA. It is obvious that Floreon is far less brittle, as well as being stronger and more flexible.

Looking at what is happening around us, brands across all industries are being pushed to acknowledge their environmental impact and take measurable steps to reduce it. At Floreon, we have noticed an increasing demand for plant-based materials that perform like traditional plastics, so qualities like strength and flexibility in Floreon’s enhanced PLA are undoubtedly revolutionary.

“In conclusion all Floreon filaments print to the same aesthetical quality with increased impact strength and better heat deflection properties while also being compostable and more sustainable making Floreon products a preferred choice when selecting the source of PLA.”

Get in touch with our friendly team for the full report, either through our contact page on our website or via Linked In.

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