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Floreon signs UK compounding agreement with Hubron

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Floreon is pleased to have signed a license agreement with one of the world’s leading suppliers of black masterbatch, Hubron (International). As a licensed compounding partner in the UK, Hubron has access to Floreon’s high performance, durable and flame retardant bioplastic materials, as well as compostable grades for horticulture and food packaging.

With over 85% of masterbatch production exported through a world-wide network of distribution partners, Hubron is an ideal partner to export Floreon grade bioplastics internationally.

Floreon Technical Director, Andrew Gill, commented:

"Hubron will provide us with technical support and technical staff to assist in customer trials. Collaboration is incredibly important to us, especially when our values, such as UK based production, are so aligned, and we look forward to seeing this UK licence agreement flourish.”

Floreon is a high-performance, plant-based plastic, derived from crops such as corn and sugar cane, making it a renewable alternative to oil-based plastics. With over 12 years in development, Floreon now produces a variation of bioplastic grades that offer up to a seven times improved carbon footprint to ABS based plastics.

Fergus McKendrick, Managing Director at Hubron added:

“There is a huge opportunity to utilise Floreon’s technology and grades of bioplastic to enhance our sustainable offerings. Our global network seeks out innovative sustainable and end of life solutions, which makes our partnership with Floreon an exciting prospect.”


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