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Is There An Alternative To Oil Based Plastics In Toys?

The toy industry is recognised as the most plastic-intensive industry in the world. 90% of the toys on the market are made of plastic. Consumers spend on average £370m a year on toys, although on average more than a quarter of parents surveyed by the British Heart Foundation admitted to throwing away toys that are in perfect condition. All these factors have exacerbated plastic pollution.

Floreon exist to provide a renewable alternative.

Brands are waking up to their responsibility and are making their sustainability pledges. For example, Mattel are committed to achieving 100% biobased plastic in their products and packaging by 2030, and Hasbro has a commitment to funding research into alternate materials and prioritising sustainable sourcing.

Major players in the toy industry are taking action and Floreon can help you to do the same. Toys are designed to be durable, so they can be kept by families for years or passed to other children to enjoy. Therefore, the environmental issues lie more in production than in disposal.

Choosing Floreon means choosing a renewable alternative that reduces our reliance on finite resources like oil. Floreon is a plant-based plastic, derived from corn and sugar beet which can replace the oil-based plastic toys dominating the market.

At Floreon we believe that in an ideal world all plastic toys would be made from plants - not oil; by making this simple switch of material to Floreon you would be helping to reduce carbon emissions and the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Is there an alternative to fossil fuel plastics without loss of performance?

Floreon's unique bioplastic technology now makes this possible. Floreon has achieved a world first by incorporating a halogen free flame retardant bioplastic that does not compromise on performance and durability; so can be used in demanding applications such as toys, electronics and the automotive industry.

The Floreon Story

We are an award winning materials technology company at the forefront of building a sustainable future. Our vision is to replace non-renewable plastic produced from fossil fuels with a plant based, low carbon alternative.

For over 10 years we have developed Floreon and have released 3 successful material grades suitable for all applications.

What is Floreon made from?

Floreon is a plant based bioplastic, derived from crops such as corn and sugar cane, making it a renewable alternative to oil based plastic with the added features of:

  • Up to 7 x LOWER C02e

  • 10 x tougher & less brittle

  • Recyclable & Compostable

  • No change in your current production methods

Ordering Floreon materials has never been easier

We have teamed up with #knowde, a material marketplace. You can now easily order samples for your project from and also download any technical data on your chosen Floreon grade.

Get in Touch

If you're interested in significantly reducing the carbon footprint of your products please get in touch with us here:

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