Floreon in the Toy Industry

The toy industry is recognised as the most plastic-intensive industry in the world. 90% of the toys on the market are made of plastic. In 2018, consumers spent £370m on toys, although on average more than a quarter of parents surveyed by the British Heart Foundation admitted to throwing away toys that are in perfect condition. All these factors have exacerbated plastic pollution.

Floreon exist to provide a renewable alternative.

Brands are waking up to their responsibility and are making their sustainability pledges. For example, Mattel are committed to achieving 100% biobased plastic in their products and packaging by 2030, and Hasbro has a commitment to funding research into alternate materials and prioritising sustainable sourcing.

Major players in the toy industry are taking action and Floreon can help you to do the same. Toys are designed to be durable, so they can be kept by families for years or passed to other children to enjoy. Therefore, the environmental issues lie more in production than in disposal.

Choosing Floreon means choosing a renewable alternative that reduces our reliance on finite resources like oil. Floreon is a plant-based plastic, derived from corn and sugar beet which can replace the oil-based plastic toys dominating the market.

As the resources used to make our bioplastic can be grown again, we are the eco-friendly choice for toy brands seeking to reduce their environmental impact.

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