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Bringing to market a Flame Retardant Bioplastic for home appliances

58% of UK adults would ‘definitely’ buy a home electrical appliance made from a bioplastic.

We undertook our own market research, together with market research experts, Fastuna, and found that more and more people are looking for sustainable materials over oil-based plastics.

Home electrical appliances (vacuum cleaners, white goods, styling tools etc) usually contain a large amount of oil-based plastic but why is this a problem?

These plastics drain finite resources from the earth. Consumers are calling for change.

Now, Floreon are eager to share the achievement of our halogen-free flame retardant PLA, certified for home electrical appliances. Thanks to our flame retardant plant-based plastic, global consumer electronic brands can meet the growing demand for appliances made from a sustainable material.

Instead of using oil-based plastics, brands can now choose Floreon, an innovative plant-based plastic safe for use in electrical products. After working in close collaboration with industry leader, Clariant, Manuel Mueller recognises this leap forward too; “We recognise Floreon as leaders in plant-based plastic development. The company is an important collaborative partner for Clariant’s sustainability development, allowing us to create leading-edge, innovative solutions together.”

Now one globally recognised brand is preparing to launch Floreon’s unique flame retardant bioplastic into its product range, Floreon is hoping to see an example set for other brands to do their bit for the planet.

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