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4 companies that are setting an example in sustainability

Addressing global warming sometimes requires out-of-the-box thinking, and there are some outstanding brands who have put ingenious ideas to eco-friendly use. These are four tremendous examples.


This chain has replaced plastic straws and cutlery with biodegradable alternatives and uses biodegradable packaging. It prides itself on only buying organic coffee, giving the proceeds to the World Land Trust. Over a third of the menu is vegan and the brand only sells Fairtrade. Its standards in this respect are commendable.


You may have seen the comical adverts on TV in recent years. Bulb are a renewable energy supplier, launched in 2014 to compete against the big six providers, Bulb offer 100% renewable electricity and carbon-neutral gas. The brand are always working to make the green choice no more expensive. Since 2014, Bulb has obtained 1.5 million members and 5% of the UK’s domestic electricity market.


This Yorkshire-based brewery uses unsold loaves and crusts from sandwich makers and bakeries to make its award-winning beer. A staggering 44% of bread is wasted in the UK, contributing to the UK’s £20bn food waste problem. Toast gives 100% of its profits to charities campaigning to address the food waste issue.

Green Tomato Cars

This is London’s eco-friendly taxi service, which has 600 vehicles on the road and completes 10,000 journeys a week in its Toyota Prius and Toyota Mirai fleet. These vehicles only emit water, giving it a clear environmental benefit over the traditional taxi service. For the unavoidable carbon emissions, Green Tomato Cars plant trees.

What companies do you know of that are setting an example for other brands? Join our community on Linked In to share your green insights.

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