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Why are we buying more vacuums?

Reportedly, sales of vacuum cleaners are currently at a high, but why? Is it because it is one of those household appliances that seems to be constantly breaking?

It may not come as a surprise that a rise in demand for vacuum cleaners was observed in 2020, due to the heightened need to maintain hygiene in hospitals and homes amid the pandemic.

Lack of time left for doing household chores because of the Work from Home model is another key factor driving the demand. Technological advancements that compliment this are expected to boost demand for vacuums even further, with the emergence of robotic vacuum cleaners, which can clean an area without human intervention.

The demand for innovative cleaning devices especially is soaring, encouraging manufacturers to develop products featuring the latest technology. Second to digitally enhanced products, companies are focusing on developing sustainable products with low emissions and noise.

We are on a mission to let manufacturers know there is a greener way to satisfy this surge in demand because innovation, durability and sustainability are synonymous with Floreon.

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