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[WEBINAR] Emerging plastic trends for an ABS-free future

Join Floreon and Hubron on Thursday 31st March at 2pm GMT

It is time to revolutionise sustainable material innovation by limiting the need to rely on traditional non-renewable plastics such as ABS and Polycarbonate. Resilience planning is key right now, which is why our webinar looks into alternative materials that don't rely on oil as the source.

We're looking at:

- Sourcing and bringing to market alternatives that reduce carbon footprint

- Bioplastics that sit comfortably in end-of-life cycles

- Options that offer a stable raw material cost

- Solutions that are ready and waiting to go commercial

Floreon and Hubron

We are collaborating with compounding experts, Hubron to redefine sustainable plastic innovation for durable applications. Together, we are inviting you to understand how this new collaboration can work for you and why it is necessary for future carbon commitments.

Dispel the bioplastic myths

In this session, any misconceptions you may have about bioplastics connected to packaging will be dispelled and we highlight the potential and practical applications of bioplastics in other areas.

Topics Covered:

1. Meeting your carbon commitments

2. Dispelling common bioplastic myths

3. Technologies available for an ABS-free future

4. Hubron and Floreon’s collaboration commitments and how that benefits you

Speakers on the day:

Andrew Gill – Floreon Technical Director

Jorge Garcia – Floreon Commercial Director

Robert Laurent – Hubron Technical Director

Guest Speaket to be announced shortly

All speakers will be available for a 10 minute Q&A session at the end.

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