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Plastics are incredible, let's make them even better!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Plastics are incredible! They have a vast range of applications across every industry and fulfil lots of versatile needs, with about 380 million tonnes of plastics produced every year to prove it.

These 380 million make use of about 4% of the world's oil and gas, which emits high carbon to the environment thereby increasing the threats to the climate. With the ever-increasing applications of plastics across diverse industries which come in different forms, it's become expedient for there to be alternative sustainable solutions to the 98% of plastics made using fossil fuels. At Floreon, we are transforming the production of plastics by providing alternative sustainable solutions to oil-based plastics - a low-carbon plant-based alternative. Want to learn more about our sustainable solutions? Our CEO and Founder Shaun Chatterton shares insights in the video below.

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