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Paper bags for life

Noticeably there is a new trend emerging, of paper bags being distributed where shoppers are undoubtedly used to plastic bags.

Bags for life have been seen as the sustainable solution for a number of years, following concerns over single use plastic bags. Those concerns, as we know, led to the introduction of a charge for carrier bags in 2014, to deter the usage. In the same year, the number of single-use carrier bags handed out by supermarkets in England increased to 7.6 billion. The charge clearly took effect, as the number of single-use carrier bags handed out in 2017-2018 dropped to 1.75 billion.

Morrisons will be the first large supermarket to implement paper shopping bags as the sustainable option, whilst removing bags for life from all of its stores. These paper bags will reportedly be strong enough to be used over and over again, cutting wastage down. This endeavour is intended to lower plastic waste as environmental concerns persist over our dependency on plastic.

It is unclear whether all of the other large supermarkets will follow Morrisons but the news certainly inspires hope. If you have any comments on the subject of paper over plastic bags, we would be happy to hear them. You can contact us on Linked In or Twitter, and join the conversation at #floreon

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