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Our bioplastic is suitable for Automotive Applications

For the automotive industry, Floreon represents tremendous opportunity. Enhancing this bioplastic has made Floreon’s material ten times tougher than standard unmodified PLA, and it is challenging common perceptions. Brands in automotive now have the chance to switch to a renewable bioplastic without compromising on performance.

The automotive industry has been under scrutiny in recent years, increasingly being put under pressure to reduce emissions and reduce vehicle weight. Hence there has been a shift, which now sees brands placing environmental action as a high priority. Floreon offers brands a carbon footprint up to six times lower than a common oil-based plastic, ABS. In addition, Floreon is lightweight, meaning it can replace heavier vehicle parts and even those made from aluminium. By making the vehicle less heavy, commercial vehicles can carry more and make less trips which is overall kinder on the environment.

Floreon’s Technical Director, Dr. Andrew Gill, said ”We’re pleased to be able to offer a renewable, recyclable material with a low carbon footprint that is suitable for a wide range of applications within the automotive industry due to its excellent performance in terms of toughness and heat stability.”

The performance and environmental benefits of Floreon appealed to a recognised vehicle body builder in the UK, with whom Floreon are conducting late-stage trials. Now, Floreon are looking to help other brands in automotive reach their sustainability goals by incorporating this lightweight and durable bioplastic into their vehicle bodies.

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