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Meet our Technical Director, Andrew Gill

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

In our previous blog, we talked about Floreon’s accelerated commercialisation, now the company has an improved patented formula ready for more collaborations.

This represents 10 years of rigorous research and development, 8 of which have been overseen by Dr. Andrew Gill, Technical Director. Andrew has been an integral part of the Floreon journey since his involvement with the company’s second Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Sheffield; which he completed following his PhD in Material Science at the same University.

Andrew plays a key role as the scientific mind behind the development of new formulations. He is responsible for enhancing our patented compounds and making them fit for purpose across numerous application areas; ensuring Floreon passes drop tests, notch impact strength testing and any other requirements.

Whether it be overseeing trials, liaising with compounders or building reports, Andrew’s commitment to the vision has always been steadfast.

Andrew has every confidence in Floreon today as he always has, with an optimistic view of the future. He is always happy to discuss the potential for our technology if you have any questions.

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