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King Charles Urges Urgent Climate Action Before It's Too Late

’The time is NOW. The eyes of our children and grandchildren are judging us. Let ours be the generation that can. And does.’

King Charles

As we witness the historic events of the Coronation, Floreon wants to focus on King Charles' passion over the past years in driving sustainable change and publicising the threat of climate change. He advises that our actions matter, we know what we need to do. With a growing population creating ever-increasing demand on the planet's finite resources, we must reduce emissions and take action to tackle the carbon already in the atmosphere, including from fossil fuel and coal-fired power stations. If we can put a proper value on carbon, we can make carbon capture solutions more economical. After billions of years of evolution, Nature remains our best teacher. So, when we look for answers on how humankind can live more sustainably with the planet, we should let Nature be our guide.

The judgement of generations is especially relevant now as feelings of eco-anxiety, especially with younger generations, are on the rise. Nearly 60% of young people between 16 and 25 say they feel worried or extremely worried about climate change.

‘As a father, I am proud that my sons have recognised this threat.’

Prince Charles speaks of his pride for Prince William launching the Earthshot Prize that incentivises change, awarding winners for ventures fighting climate change.

‘When I first spoke publicly about the environment, many wondered if my sense of urgency was misplaced.’

A long time campaigner for climate change; King Charles called for change long before many people wanted to realise the threat of the issue. He made a speech back in 1970, 50 years ago, about many of the climate issues we are still facing, mentioning how ’55 million of us on this island’ are using ‘non-returnable bottles and indestructible plastic containers’.

We know that appearances do not always tell the whole story.’

Citing the distractions of the day to day, repeatedly similar gestures and commitments at conferences, Prince Charles calls for us to put action behind our words. It’s a quote that also hints at the rampant greenwashing that’s endemic in society, where brands overinflate or mislead the true scale of their eco-friendly gestures.

Our problems are manmade—therefore, they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings. Man’s reason and spirit have often solved the seemingly unsolvable—and we believe they can do it again.’

Quoting President John F. Kennedy at the beginning of the essay at a 1963 speech, King Charles invokes this quote to call for positive action.

‘The world is on the brink, and we need the mobilising urgency of a war-like footing if we are to win.’

With war-like language across the essay, King Charles conveys the level of urgency that we need to meet the crisis.

Read the essay in full here from NewsWeek.


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