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Blue Plastic Granules

Licensing With Floreon.

Floreon has invested in the global development of the Floreon® consumer brand franchise for over a decade and we offer our range of products under a simple licensing programme, similar to brands and technologies like 'Dupont, Lycra and Goretex'.

Our fully patented materials are available for use in many manufacturing sectors and also by Compounders.


Fill in our license form below and we will get back to you with the next steps of how you can partner with Floreon and to arrange a more detailed discussion on progressing your project .

Licensee Form
Become A Licensee

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

alternative plastics, plant based plastics manufacturers, biomaterials advances, bioplastics applications, sustainable plastics
" We recognise Floreon as leaders in bioplastic development.
Together we are creating leading edge, innovative solutions that mean progress for everyone today and tomorrow."

Manuel Muller from Clariant
Vice President | Strategy Innovation

Our 100 Day Plan.


Floreon reviews your needs and project requirements


Produce sufficient sample material for tests


Work alongside your manufacturers (or our own) 


Test to all key performance criteria


Put in place requirements for initial launch



Our trademarks are protected by law. We welcome their use by direct and indirect business partners to add value to materials, manufacturing and finished products.

A specific Trademark License Agreement (TMLA) is required for all other use of our trademarks and patented material in the marketing and promotion of your products. 

This can only be issued by Floreon and in most cases, is non-exclusive and non-royalty bearing.

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