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Details of how you can potentially become involved in our journey can be found below.

Become a Licensee

Floreon Brand Licensing

Consumers and brands are being asked to reduce their carbon footprint by using materials that are better for the planet. Floreon’s patented formulas can be used in your manufacturing process to replace oil-based plastics with Floreon’s bioplastic.

No compromise on strength or colour; plus Floreon has specialist formulas for antimicrobial to prevent viruses and a flame retardant formula for use in electrical products. All formulas are designed to work within your existing manufacturing process.

Floreon for Compounders

Floreon is available for license and gives your customers a bioplastic with up to 6 times lower carbon footprint than ABS, without any performance reduction.

Our core intellectual property protects the combination of PLA with selected degradable elastomers, which results in a material with significantly enhanced flow and toughness. Our patents include high impact strength and durable materials. We offer flame retardance for electrical components and antimicrobial benefits for those seeking no contamination from viruses.


Floreon has invested in the global development of the Floreon® consumer brand franchise for over a decade.

For consumers and compounders it is a unique assurance of a material that has a wide range of applications and can be used in many categories.

Our trademarks are protected by law. We welcome their use by direct and indirect business partners to add value to materials, manufacturing and finished products.

A specific Trademark License Agreement (TMLA) is required for all other use of our trademarks and patented material in the marketing and promotion of your products.

This can only be issued by Floreon and in most cases, is non-exclusive and non-royalty bearing.

Data Privacy

Personal data is used only for the purposes of fulfilling obligations. Our trusted IT partner manages our GDPR responsibly but for more information, please contact us directly.

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