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Shaun Chatterton

CEO and Founder

A successful business owner and entrepreneur, Shaun challenged the incremental growth of single use plastics being used by his previous company.

He worked closely with Sheffield University subsequently undertaking two KTP research projects, resulting in a groundbreaking new bioplastic technology and the granting of global patent protection.

Shaun features on the POC podcast

Are you looking to connect with people who care about sustainability? Is peer-to-peer networking something that is missing from your journey towards sustainability?


We have mentioned Products of Change (POC) on our social media and blog posts. It is a community for brands and companies looking to reach Sustainability through networking and information sharing.

Being a member of this online platform has added so much value to our journey, and today we want to share some good news with our own network!



After much anticipation, ‘The Future Of…’ podcast featuring Shaun Chatterton, CEO and Founder of Floreon, is now live! You can listen right here by turning the sound on above.

. It's easy.

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