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New plans to build Europe's FIRST biorefinery in Normandy to produce PLA & recycle it

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

The need for PLA (poly-lactic acid) has grown over the years due to its eco credentials and having the ability to be recycled; recent concerns of PLA supply is now being addressed by plans to build new refineries as this materials popularity grows. The benefit of PLA is clear and is a sustainable material choice in manufacturing, Floreon's unique technology uses PLA as it's core and is delighted at the news of expansion in these sites.

Benefits of PLA and Floreon:

  • It is bio-based and does not draw on fossil resources

  • It has excellent mechanical properties and can replace many petro-plastics

  • It is molecularly recyclable to infinity without altering its quality

  • The only polymer whose degradation product, lactic acid, is harmless to human health

Floreon welcome’s Futerro’s announcement to build a new PLA plant in Europe

Floreon is pleased to see the expansion in this market- the new plans to develop in this area is great news for the industry and for the demand for PLA overall. Floreon holds great relationships with all PLA manufacturers and to add a European refinery to Floreon's list of suppliers will help in delivering product quicker.

The new site has been chosen in Europe in Normandy by Futerro, their first site is based in China and was built in 2021 and is a success. The plans for the new site include a fully integrated biorefinery with a lactic acid unit transforming raw materials of agricultural origin, a PLA conversion unit and a unit dedicated to molecular recycling of PLA. This new PLA refinery is estimated to produce an annual production capacity of 75,000 tons and the project should potentially create 250 direct jobs and 900 jobs in adjacent sectors.

The selection of this site was guided by 6 key factors:

  • The availability of a large industrial site with the possibility of expanding production capacity

  • The possibility of using low-carbon energy

  • The presence of agricultural raw materials

  • The interest and experience of local public and private actors in supporting large-scale projects for the sustainable re-industrialisation of the region

  • Access to the waterway and the multiple logistical possibilities offered by the Radicatel terminal and the port of Le Havre

  • The presence of a pool of technical skills dedicated to the chemical and polymer sectors

Floreon, redefining PLA

Floreon uses PLA at the core of it's technology, we add our unique formula to make our material suitable in durable applications and offer Floreon in different grades depending on your function. We believe that in an ideal world all plastics would be made from plants - not oil; by making this simple switch of material you would be helping to reduce carbon emissions and the catastrophic effects of climate change.

No loss of performance

Floreon's unique bioplastic technology now makes this possible. Floreon has achieved a world first by incorporating a halogen free flame retardant bioplastic that does not compromise on performance and durability; so can be used in demanding applications such as toys, electronics and the automotive industry.

The Floreon Story

We are an award winning materials technology company at the forefront of building a sustainable future. Our vision is to replace non-renewable plastic produced from fossil fuels with a plant based, low carbon alternative.

For over 10 years we have developed Floreon and have released 3 successful material grades suitable for all applications.

Benefits of Floreon

Floreon is a plant based bioplastic (PLA), derived from crops such as corn and sugar cane, making it a renewable alternative to oil based plastic with the added features of:

  • Up to 7 x LOWER C02e

  • 10 x tougher & less brittle

  • Recyclable & Compostable

  • Switch materials with NO CHANGE in your current production methods

Ordering Floreon materials has never been easier

We have teamed up with #knowde, a material marketplace. You can now easily order samples for your project from and also download any technical data on your chosen Floreon grade.

Get in Touch

If you're interested in significantly reducing the carbon footprint of your products please get in touch with us here:

For further information on this press release, please contact our communications consultant, Alison Evans, by email

For more information on Futerro visit:

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