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Our Partners.

Floreon has worked with the best in the industry to deliver a unique sustainable alternative to oil based plastics that delivers on performance and quality

Andrew Gill Floreon
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Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

University Of Sheffield

Floreon is not just another plastic – it's a unique, patented invention that emerged from a ground breaking Knowledge Transfer Partnership at the University of Sheffield. This collaboration has resulted in a material that challenges conventional plastics by offering an unprecedented combination of qualities.

Innovate UK.

Best Partnership Winner 2014

Shaun Chatterton CEO of Floreon and Dr.Andrew Gill, Technical Director of Floreon was awarded The Best UK Partnership Award by Innovate UK in 2014.

Innovate UK champions businesses driven by innovation across all sectors, technologies, and regions.

Innovate UK's mission is to foster business growth by advancing unique products, processes, and services, they help propel ideas to success stories and into reality. The award was won as Floreon's unique material competes on performance with oil based plastics but has up to 6 times lower carbon footprint and can be recycled.

Innovate UK Award Team
Manuel Mueller
bioplastic manufacturers uk, plant based plastic companies, most eco friendly plastic, plant based plastic, pla plastic


Manuel Muller | Clariant Vice President &

Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability

"We recognise Floreon as leaders in bioplastic development thanks to their ground-breaking technology. We identify Floreon as an important collaborative partner for sustainability, as our joint initiative fits perfectly with Clariant's strategy. Together, we are creating leading-edge, innovative solutions that mean progress for everyone today and tomorrow."


Our two-year collaboration with Clariant exceeded all expectations.  The project led to an achievement not previously believed possible, the development of a Halogen Free UL94V-0 certified fire-resistant PLA compound.   Successful outcomes included a new global patent application and a new range of compounds which have been independently tested and validated for durable applications.

Compound Partners.

Our Worldwide Supply Chain

Floreon material is readily available and can be produced in the UK, Europe and China from one of our compound partners.


Floreon has been validated and is readily available from one of the largest polymer distribution, compounding and recycling companies in the world. We also work with all major PLA manufacturers for the supply of raw materials so there are never issues with supply chain.

Floreon Compounder Map
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