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Lower Your Carbon Footprint.

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Multiple End Of Life Options Mechanical or chemical recycling.

Sustainability Switching to Floreon will reduce your carbon footprint by up to 7 times

Made From Plants Made from renewable content called PLA - NOT OIL! Derived from crops such as corn

Expertly Engineered Scientifically developed over 12 years. Fully tested to reach industry certifications

Patented Technology Fully patented formulas suitable for many manufacturing processes and industries

Flame Retardant UL94V-0 Floreon is a world 1st to incorporate flame retardant into PLA, fully certified to meet UL94V-0 with no comporise on performance.

Impact Strength Floreon's notched impact stregnth is comparable to ABS but with a lower carbon footprint and it is made from renewable sources

Comparable Cost Comparable to other flame retardant materials. PLA costs have not soared unlike the cost of oil for traditional oil based plastics.

The government has a strategy of decarbonising all sectors of the UK economy with an aim of reaching net zero by 2050, businesses will need to reduce their carbon emissions urgently to reach the governments net zero target.


With Floreon businesses and manufacturers can make a difference by looking at simple steps to reduce their C02 emissions and good place to start can be within your supply chain. If you currently use oil based plastics for manufacturing products there is now an easy switch; Floreon a biobased material that can be used in your current manufacturing process and has no loss of performance! Our sustainable alternative will help reduce your carbon footprint by up to seven times by making this simple switch of material.


Get in touch and join us in the journey towards a greener future, Floreon can help you make better more sustainable products that will help combat climate change.

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