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What is Floreon3D

Floreon is a patented, multi award-winning bioplastic made from plants, not oil.

Our Floreon 3D filament is a specially formulated compound containing a combination of carefully selected performance polymers that give enhanced flexibility, durability and printability over other filaments, whilst maintaining the sustainable benefits of being 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

User Experience


User Experience

 "I tested varied 3D filaments

and the one that stood out was

Floreon 3D.

The fact that when you 3D print

the filament the colour stays as

vibrant as it was on the spool”

Alex Youden, Nfire labs

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User Experience

“Floreon prints very easily and
the layers bond very well, even
when printing with two colours.
The colours are vivid and do not
fade or leak, and the material is
tougher and more flexible than
other PLAs so printed items
don’t break as easily."

Jack B

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User Experience


 “We were impressed with Floreon’s 3d print grade due to its competitive performance, but also its exceptionally high renewable content, making it a functional and sustainable choice.”

- Ralph McNeill, Managing Director, 3D Print Works


User Experience

That's right! Football and Arsenal legend, Ian Wright MBE, supported Floreon's #DesignItWright competition. Ian has an avid interest in creating a sustainable world in which we protect the planet for future generations.

“I am delighted to support Floreon. I have a large family, and I am very passionate about creating a better future for them and everyone.” 

Ian Wright MBE


User Experience


 "Floreon 3d is tough and not brittle PLA filament with an elegant finish for a professional look and feel. The fact that is 100% biodegradable and its manufacture is environmentally responsible makes it even better to use."

Carlos Perez

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User Experience


 "The combination of excellent print 

quality, enhanced durability and crack resistance makes Floreon3D an ideal choice for this competition.

Dr.Simon Hayes,

Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering


User Experience

“Through these numerous tests it was found that the Floreon 401,

Floreon 475 and FLPR04 were able to be printed using an FDM printer

with the same aesthetic qualities and simplicity as regular PLA with the

added benefits of increased strength, flexibility and are compostable.”


– The Aura Innovation Centre


User Experience


 "The Floreon filament has proved to be really popular here, the performance is great and we have less failed prints than any of the other material that we use.

We're so impredded with it that we are going to use it exclusively in all our FDM machines."


Dr.Simon Hayes,

Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering

‘Floreon 3d matches the performance of PLA but with undoubted environmental benefits’.

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