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Floreon is a halogen free alternative to flame retarded ABS and is suitable for both chemical and mechanical recycling. In addition to this, it has up to 7 times lower carbon footprint than ABS.



Flame retarded ABS is not recycled today due to concerns about halogenated flame retardants. Material choice for the $29.6 billion Electronics and Electrical industry this translates to a vast volume of plastic not getting recycled.

Floreon is a HALOGEN FREE alternative to Flame Retarded ABS


We hear the plastic industry say...

There is NO effective halogen free FR systems available on the market
RISE institute, Sweden

Flame retarded ABS cannot be recycled from post consumer sources
Specialist mechanical recycler, UK

...however Floreon has now CHANGED this perception

Floreon is the HALOGEN FREE alternative to Flame Retarded ABS that can be recycled

Floreon’s base material (PLA) is ideally suited to chemical recycling.
In pilot plant /kilo lab trials with the Biorenewables Development Centre, Floreon were able to recover 100% of the lactic acid feedstock in a simple and fast reaction, removing ALL flame retardant and fillers by simple filtration.
This feedstock can then be used to regenerate virgin polymer with no downcycling.


Benchmarking of Floreon v's ABS

Floreon’s durable and flame retarded grades were tested alongside a high performance ABS and flame retarded ABS grade to provide a benchmark. Floreon is able to match the notched impact strength of ABS. Moulded products have also passed all necessary drop testing. 

Notched Imapact Strength.png

We have included all our halogen free technical data in the downloadable report.

Contact us for more information or to to talk to a member of our team on how we can help with halogen free high performance PLA.


 Floreon Grades Available 

Floreon offer polylactic acid (PLA) based compounds with the performance of ABS. Our patented materials are suitable for both durable and disposable applications.  

Floreon Durable Grade:

test sg.jpg

Floreon Flame Retarded Grade:

retarded grade.jpg

Floreon Injection Moulding Grade:


Extrusion Grade:

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