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Floreon works with to revolutionise the single-use toothbrush 


Floreon worked with to minimise the environmental impact of the product’s replaceable tooth head. The brief was to develop a Floreon bioplastic that is as durable as oil-based plastic and reduces carbon footprint.


Purpose focuses exclusively on sustainable design, especially the throwaway culture of the commonplace single use plastic or bamboo toothbrush. The company has designed an eco toothbrush that ‘people want to keep forever’ and is now available as a subscription service from here.



Appreciating that the tooth heads had to be replaceable, the innovative company took the design one step further by approaching Floreon. Joshua Oates, Co-founder and CEO of said:

“Working with Floreon has given us an extra point of difference. Together, we have developed a replaceable tooth head that is made from renewable plant-based resources.” made its debut with a massively successful Kickstarter Campaign in 2019, and is now available to buy nationwide. Innovative collaboration, such as this one with Floreon, is what makes a design on paper become a reality.” 


Beating Plastic Pollution

Based on website data, ‘over 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes are produced worldwide every year and 99% of these brushes are not biodegradable.’ The company believes that ‘something you use everyday that is not designed to last, is inherently unsustainable’. 

Floreon PLA

Floreon’s 10 year development of patented technology allowed the replaceable heads to be manufactured from a plant-based PLA that is strong and has a low carbon footprint. Shaun Chatteron, CEO of Floreon said: 

“It is a pleasure to watch two entrepreneurs bring a kickstarter campaign to market based on their passion to environmentally innovate the oral care category. We are especially proud to be part of that sustainable product development, offering a bioplastic solution for the replacement toothbrush heads. The Floreon bioplastic, derived from renewable plant based sources, delivers a carbon footprint seven times lower that virgin oil-based plastic, but with the same durability. It is a practical, yet environmentally friendly option that adds to the overall sustainable credentials of the product and subscription service. It will disrupt the market for sure.” 


End of Life Cycle 


Floreon is a renewable material made from plants which is designed to be composted or mechanically or commercially recycled to contribute to the circular economy. Here are the end of life options.

Floreon end of life diagram.png

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